blizzy's Backup

Easy to use personal file backup application

blizzy's Backup is a personal file backup application that aims to be easy to use. No complicated settings, just backup of your preferred folders. The application is intentionally kept simple to set up and use. It also keeps a history, so you can step back to any point in time.

An Encryption Plugin is also available for purchase, so you can secure your backup data.

Download Installer (Windows XP or higher, 32/64-bit, 21.2 MB)

MD5 checksum: 758b34d5099fbf4158d54797089d63ec

NOTE The installer is only necessary if installing for the first time. The application has a built-in update feature.


What is the focus of blizzy's Backup?

The application's main target are home end users who want to keep regular backups of their files, along with a history of those. The focus is on simplicity and ease of use instead of number of features.

On what platforms does blizzy's Backup run?

Project development currently focuses on the Windows platform.

What are the requirements to run the application?

blizzy's Backup runs on any Windows platform that has JDK 7 installed, which can be downloaded here.

In what languages is the application available?

The application is translated into English and German. If you want to help with translating to other languages, please see our translations page.

Is blizzy's Backup free to use?

Yes, the main application is free to use. If you want, you can make donations by clicking here:

Donate via PayPal »

Is it possible to encrypt my backup data?

Yes, a separate Encryption Plugin is available for purchase.

Can you implement feature X?

Please feel free to discuss your idea in the discussion group.


For how long does the application keep old backups?

Hourly backups (which are optional) are kept for 7 days. Daily backups are kept for 30 days. After that, those backups are deleted automatically with the exception of the most recent weekly backup. The weekly backups are kept until the device that holds the output folder is 80% full.

In addition, the oldest backups are deleted whenever more space on the device is needed to run the current backup.

See the following graphic for a timeline:

Backups retention timeline
How does the application store backups?

Backup metadata and files are kept in a designated output folder. All files are compressed to save space. In addition, if a file has not changed from one backup to the next, it will not be copied again to save more space. (Instead it is visible in multiple backup runs when restoring.)

What devices can be used as backup medium?

The application stores backup files in a regular folder. This means it can store files on any device, be it your harddisk, a USB harddisk or USB stick, an iSCSI target (when mounted as a harddisk in Windows), or what have you.

Does the application update itself with new versions?

Yes. On startup the application looks for updates on the update server. This is done if the last search was more than 7 days ago, which means you might have to wait a few days to get an update.

Does blizzy's Backup support IPv6?

Yes. There is a problem with Windows and FTP connections, though. Should you run into problems backing up FTP sites, open a console window with administrator privileges and enter the following command:

netsh advfirewall set global StatefulFtp disable

This command will disable stateful packet inspection for FTP connections in the Windows firewall.

Discussion Group

Discussion about blizzy's Backup takes place on Google Groups:

Discussion Group »

Source Code

blizzy's Backup is open-source and development takes place on GitHub. You're invited to contribute via forks and pull requests.

blizzy's Backup on GitHub »

1.5.5, 2012-12-08
1.5.4, 2012-04-14
1.5.3, 2012-03-17
1.5.2, 2012-03-03
1.5.1, 2012-02-21
1.5.0, 2012-02-18
1.4.0, 2012-02-11
1.3.1, 2011-11-30
1.3.0, 2011-11-21
1.2.7, 2011-10-29
1.2.6, 2011-10-09
1.2.5, 2011-10-05
1.2.4, 2011-09-13
1.2.3, 2011-08-31
1.2.2, 2011-08-20
1.2.1, 2011-08-12
1.2.0, 2011-08-10
1.1.0, 2011-08-06
1.0.0, 2011-08-02